The Club System at KLE TTM is designed so that there’s something for everyone. Choose the club that sparks your interest!

Sanchari, the Travel Club Sanchari is the flagship club of KLE’s Department of Tourism. Take your passion for travel to a whole new level by making it a regular presence in your college life. Enjoyment aside, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to establish a career in this exciting industry.

Heritage & Culture Club As students of Tourism, you are best placed to promote, protect, and celebrate the heritage of your state and nation. This is the focus point for this club. Learn about your heritage and its importance and use this knowledge to take you forward in your career. Students interested in music and dance will also have every opportunity to showcase their skills.

Influenza, the Media Club Whether you’re interested in writing, photography or any form of creative communication, this is the club for you! You will have a platform to raise your confidence and develop skills that’ll add value to your future career.

Community Service Club Students today, upstanding citizens tomorrow. As part of the Community Service club, you’ll come to understand the true meaning of the term “service”. Cultivate the spirit of compassion and develop the skills of efficiency and organisation.

Elysian, the Event Management Club Learning to coordinate events is a key management skill required across industries. Get started during your college years, and explore your potential for innovation, creativity, and efficiency. You will work with other clubs as well, helping to bring their ideas to fruition.