Students are encouraged to go beyond their regular classwork and academics, to explore their talents and broaden their horizons! Some of our extracurricular activities include:

  • Coaching for the students in various games under the supervision of an expert physical education director.
  • Enthusiastic college Sports Department organises inter-collegiate tournaments in Basketball, Volleyball and Cricket.
  • Large playground for outdoor sports, including cricket, football, and volleyball. Facilities for indoor sports, including chess, table tennis and carrom. are also available.
  • Several KLE students join various sports teams to represent Bengaluru City University in state-level tournaments.
Ignite An annual 3-day extravaganza, bringing together all students across 3 courses and 9 batches in friendly competition. From painting and poster making to dance and fashion shows, everyone gets a chance to express their talents and have a ton of fun!

Colours Week Students dress up in specific colours every day for a week. Prizes for any class that manages complete participation!

Ethnic Day Every college student's favourite day of the year! Girls and boys dress up in their favourite ethnic outfits, representing states from Karnataka and Kerala to Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. The colourful affair is accompanied by ethnic music and a spirit of celebration.

Festivals of India As a tourism department, celebrating the best our country has to offer is very important - including our festivals! From Diwali to Christmas to Holi, these occasions are a way to get all our students together.