Chairman’s Message


Chairman, Board of Management

KLE Society, Belagavi

About Chairman
We, KLE as a family, believe that education empowers and benefits academic aspirants and society at large. KLE has a vision of high-quality lifelong learning, accessible to all harbouring the tenacity of being first among equals; instilling professional competency in our students with vigour and zeal. KLE always has the learner at the heart of everything we do. We raise expectations, set benchmarks, and work together progressively towards the objective of nurturing intellectual capital for the nation.

As an established and highly esteemed institution, we maintain high academic standards with a distinguishable code of conduct and discipline. We mentor students, facilitate the honing of skills and abilities and take great pride in developing IT professionals coupled with awareness and responsibilities towards society. We are committed to creating the future that every student dreams of, both in higher education and corporate employment.

As Chairman of the organization, I take immense pleasure and pride in welcoming you to the KLE family and this wonderful experience of “Empowerment through Education”.

“Today we lead the students. Tomorrow our students will lead the world”

Principal’s Message

Dr. Arunkumar B. Sonappanavar

Principal – KLE SNC

About Principal
KLE’S S Nijalingappa College made its prosperous beginning in the year 1963 and evolved into one of the top-ranking higher education institutions. Over the past 57 years, the college has committed to offering a quality learning experience in both UG & PG programs in Arts, Science, Commerce, Management Studies, Computer Applications, Hotel Management, Tourism & Travel Management, Fashion and Apparel Designing. Highly competent and dedicated faculty supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure resulted in a well-evolved academic and administration. Along with the university curriculum the college has designed and evolved 21 innovative certificates and 13 value-added courses to enhance entrepreneurship and employability among the student community. A well stalked and digitalized library, well-equipped sports centre, language lab, Audio-visual studio, two well-furnished auditorium, adequate number of classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories to support curricular activities and research endeavours.

The college always contributes towards the societal concern by organizing social-economic awareness rallies, health awareness programs are implementing adopted villages and nearby places of the college campus.

A hearty welcome to our esteemed reward institution with an assurance that we shall together transform the younger generation to a knowledgeable, employable, and civilized human resource.

Coordinator’s Message

Ms. K S Deepika

Coordinator – KLE TTM

About Coordinator
Greetings from KLE TTM! It gives me great joy to welcome bright, motivated young students from across the country, who will be at the forefront of the travel industry in years to come.

My team and I are dedicated to creating a learning environment that is comfortable yet challenging, focused yet exciting, and geared towards all-round development! Coming from a cross-section of the best Indian universities in different parts of the country, my staff brings a range of expertise and experience to our work here. Our students benefit from many different perspectives as they work to build their own. This is combined with an enthusiasm to make our students’ college life as memorable as possible – organising clubs, events, excursions, study tours and more.

I believe that KLE TTM, with its prime location in Bengaluru, can play a major role in the travel revolution we’re seeing today. Come, join us, and be a part of it too!